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Hi,guys, I dont remember if I have shared this but I just finished that baby,wich is combination between two different roller systems. I think I shared a video with such gun some time ago. Im verry satisfied with it becouse it is abolishing the minuses of both systems and almoust doubles their performance. The speed rising is exponential and verry progressive. Recoil is the softest possible,its practicly missing and feeling is verry strange.

Attached Thumbnails. Your spearguns never cease to amaze or inspire me, Seal. You really need to get a production line going! And, Merry Christmas! Very nice carbon work as usual.

I have to get some lessons about that. I'm glad you include moveable pulley principle but I think that one direct drive band is missing for more initial shaft speed. Find More Posts by gspearguns. Originally Posted by gspearguns. Hmmm, some Italian gunmakers would not agree with you Seal. They puts a lot of articles on web and did many roller prototypes, but everyone do as he think it's a best way.

I'm making these pulley concept for a three years and did some tests so that's what I think. Anyway great job. Seal your guns never cease to amaze me, spectacular finish as always and I love the progression you show with your guns as well. Has me dreaming of my next build! Last edited by seal77; at PM. Do you plan to rig your shooting line on the side, double or should I sayThe Mann These are the latest high tech CNC machined sliptips to join the Mannysub range of high end accessories Incredible performance, simplicity, functionality, made from the best light weight materials available If you're looking for serious blue-water performance without the excessive weight and lengh of traditional multi-band guns, wait no longer Available in eight different col New for !!

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In excess of double the power, extra range, penetration, along with no recoil, better maneuverability and consistent accuracy and very smooth firing are so This kit is designed for the rollers to b This roller kit includes all the components required to turn your wooden speargun barrel into a roller speargun. This kit is designed for the rollers to be Camera bracket cnc machined from 2mm thick glossy carbon fibre.

The shape and screw holes are designed to fit on the reel mount of the Manny sub roller pe Suitable for reels, shooting line, inside float line or bungees for added strength Mono filament shooting line made in the USA. Available in 1. Unlike other figure 8 crimps these are slightly shorter and thicker. The shorter size w The mini shark fins are only 3.

fusion speargun

Amazing finish, Factory-certified straightness, Three mini shark fins spread over 60cm for multiple power settings and ease of loading, Shark Amazing finish, Factory-certified straightness, Extra-heavy-duty offset floppers with welded pin, Five mini shark fins spread over 60cm for mu Amazing finish Factory certified straightness Extra heavy duty flopper with welded pin 3 mini shark fins spread over 60cm for multiple power s Slip tip cable replacement wire kit with crimped ball.

Available in Easy to load, low recoil, and great power and accuracy due to the progressive nature of these rubbers These are smoothest, most progressive rubbers in the Mannysub range. The clip on rubber will help with the initial launch of thicker spear shafts such as 7. This will help achieve greater speed and penetra Also suitable for spearfishing They are extremely durablesuper smoothmaintenance freGuaranteed to outperform any other invert roller speargun rubbers in the market.

Use as a replacement part for your Roisub Speargun The kit includes: 2 pulleys TS This innovative product from Roisub offers a simple and effective solution for trimming and balancing your speargun. Black coated lead weight, 60g in total, with peel off adhesive backing and 2 secondary O-rings included, for added security.

Can be used If you want to convert or build the absolute ultimate in invert roller spearguns, this is the head to If you want to convert or build the absolute ultimate in invert roller spearguns, this is If you want to convert or build the absolute ultimate in invert roller spearguns, these are the pulleys to use Roisub Bridge Line guide for eliminating the possibility of entanglement of shooting line on invert or pulley roller spearguns.

A specially designed shape is made from stainless steel wire.

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Can retro-fit to any wood or tube spearguns with two Roisub Shooting Line guide for eliminating the possibility of entanglement of shooting line on invert or pulley roller spearguns. Will fit any single fixing point with a single screw The innovative Roisub Shark System provides a stand-off block for reel mounting, for mounting line guides and also provides double loading hook fins for dual rubber set-ups.

The Michelangelo Plus represents the top of range of Roisub Spearguns, the culmination of many years of testing and improvements. It is supplied ready for fishing - with rubbers, spear and reel spooled with dyneema. The structure is easily adjusted Roisub Loading Butt for Roisub Michelangelo handle. Price is for single Invert Pulley with a single acetyl bearing. These pulleys are the heart of the Roisub System, made by special dedicated machines in a controlled environment.

Roisub delrin pulleys are regarded as the best in the market The Dyneema stopper makes this head very effective for all pre-tensioned Roisub solid 6mm stainless steel axle with m6 threaded ends, washers and nylock nuts.Overall, I would definitely recommend this speargun for anyone who is in the market for a new speargun.

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I have used many different products from MAKO and have been completely satisfied with them. Not to mention they have one of the best customer service around in the spearfishing industry. Using the same unbreakable glass filled nylon handle of the Predator Pro 2G, the 3G incorporates smoother spear loading in the Predator Pro Speargun. Stainless steel is far more durable and stronger than plastic.

fusion speargun

Our Predator Pro 3G has a stainless steel trigger which is encased in a polymer cover. Not only are our triggers made of stainless steel, all other components in our trigger mechanisms, such as the sear and line release are also made of stainless steel. Slots or no slots, our wishbones works with all muzzles. Much more reliable than metal wishbones! Much safer than metal wishbones! And now, the new Predator 3G 3rd Generation handles have been completely up armored and are now just as strong as the Oceanic Spearguns.

Our bands allow you to change, add, or remove your bands in seconds with or without band slots. Hand Tied Bands allow you to adjust the band strength to meet your specific needs. Women or younger spearos can opt for longer bands for easier loading, while stronger and more experienced spearos can shorten the bands for increased power. Spears on MAKO spear guns are thicker so they do not break or bend like thinner spears.

Ask anybody who has loaded a spear gun without a loading butt and they will be the first to tell you that they wish they had one.

Rob Allen Tuna Roller Gun

Fully rigged with super strong abrasion resistant lb mono. We provide an unconditional 3 Year Warranty to the original purchaser on all spear guns: We are so confident in the quality of our spear guns, we offer our 3 year, no questions asked, warranty on all spear guns. If this spear gun falls out of your pickup truck while driving down the freeway, we will repair or replace it at no charge see warranty info.

Warranty applies to original purchaser. If you don't see an option you would like added to your speargun, please contact us and we'll be sure to help you out: Sharkfin spears only work with open muzzles. Each spear gun comes with an open muzzle and a sharkfin tab spear.Essential Gear.

Rigging, Rubber, Shafts. Floats, Floatlines, Reels. Weight Belts. Speargun Builder. Lobster Gear.

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Neptonics Pre-Cut Blanks. SalviMar One Freediving Watch. Neptonics Elite Slip Tip. Double Roller Head. Custom Powerbands. P-Tough Booties. Neptonics Load Assist. Neptonics Quantum Stealth Wetsuit. Thermo Flex 3 — 5mm Gloves. Surf-Fur Waterproof Parka. Omna Marine Tourniquet. Neptonics Sliptips. MannySub Roller Kit. Gift Certificates. Neptonics Tri-Fold Rigging Bag. Salvimar Fluyd Fin Bag. Speargun Travel Bag. Mutiny Lobster Bag. Ultra Compact Microfiber Towel. Super Amero.

Riffe Blue Water Elite. Salvimar Metal Speargun. Reaper Speargun.Rob Allen Tuna Roller Gun is unlike conventional spearguns in which the rubber bands take up only per cent of the barrel length, the roller speargun allows you to utilize the full length of the barrel, as the spear shaft is accompanied all the way to the end of the barrel. Essentially, the roller speargun gets its extra power from the longer band pull, instead of more bands. Likewise, the pre-tensioned rubbers underneath allow for more power and strength right up to the end of stroke.

Resulting in more speed and momentum. Another advantage to roller guns is the way the have less recall due the roller counter acting the rubber releasing both ways. You must be logged in to post a review. Rob Allen Wahoo Carbon. Rob Allen Tuna Aluminum Railgun.

Rob Allen Scorpia Speargun. Rob Allen Roller Band Set. Rob Allen Snapper Railgun.

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Rob Allen Black Carbon Speargun. Remember me Log in. Lost your password? Add to Wishlist. Rob Allen Tuna Roller Gun quantity. Length cm, cm, cm, cm, 80cm, 90cm. Reviews There are no reviews yet. Related products. Quick View. Spearguns Rob Allen Wahoo Carbon. Spearguns Rob Allen Scorpia Speargun.

Spearguns Rob Allen Snapper Railgun. Search for:. Choose an option cm cm cm 80cm 90cm Clear.Advanced Search Search Tips.

fusion speargun

NOTE: For blue water hunting large pelagic fish we recommend using Spectra Fusion float line in combination with a 25' Bungee float line. This product hasn't received any reviews yet. Be the first to review this product! All prices are in USD. Please wait Search Advanced Search Search Tips. See 4 more pictures.

fusion speargun

Minimum Purchase:. Maximum Purchase:. Choose a Size 25' 50' 75' '. Buy in bulk and save. Added internal middle braid ensures constant high test strength. Upgraded foam rubber float core increases buoyancy making retrieval and line location as effortless as possible.

Unlike other float lines on the market made of polypropylene that end up sinking, Riffe's Spectra Fusion Float line stays on the water for optimum visibility. Unrivaled float line built to perform. Tensile strength as tested including hardware shackle, Quick Clips, and crimps lbs. How do you rate this product?

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